Indus Scholar

Indus Scholar is a student’s program to work on chemical engineering and process chemistry related projects associated with Indus MAGIC program of CSIR. Indus MAGIC is an acronym for Innovate, develop and up-scale MAGIC [modular, agile, intensified and continuous] processes and plants (see for more information). This Indus MAGIC research program of CSIR is formulated based on critical analysis and understanding of the needs of Indian fine and specialty chemical industry. Specialty/ fine chemical industry forms the backbone of industrial and agricultural development of India. Over the years, the industry has evolved from a basic chemical producer to knowledge intensive industry. The industry also exhibited healthy growth. To fulfil the demands for addressing hitherto unmet and ever growing needs as well as expectations of a rapidly developing India, the fine and specialty chemicals sector is expected to grow at nearly double the rate of growth of overall economy. These new opportunities, the sheer magnitude of projected expansion and increasing demands on sustainability require tremendous research and technology inputs to support and to realize this expected growth. The Indus MAGIC research program is planned as a first step to meet these needs and to facilitate transformation of Indian fine and specialty chemical industry.

It is also a unique opportunity for chemical engineering and process chemistry students to understand concepts of MAGIC (modular, agile, intensified and continuous) processes and plants as well as to make meaningful contributions to it by carrying out project associated with Indus MAGIC. The Indus Scholar platform is established for this purpose. The program invites chemical engineering and process chemistry students (mainly Masters or final year graduate students) to carry out project based on MAGIC concepts at the participating CSIR laboratories. It is expected that students will spend at least 2 months at the CSIR laboratories.

Indus Scholar portal is developed to facilitate smooth formulation, execution and monitoring of the student’s projects. It leverages contemporary social networking approach to encourage productive interactions among students, CSIR scientists and faculty from the academic Institutes of students.