Frequently Asked Questions

We believe that every site has its own place on the internet which defines its purpose and activity on it. Facebook is too casual for technical/geeky stuff. "Having coffee at Aromas" is a common type of message on Facebook. On the other hand, on LinkedIn, people are very particular about whom to allow in their business and professional network. Students are not very welcome on LinkedIn because they are treated as clutter in that network by professionals. Hence they have no place to express what they feel about technologies, share their problems and Indus Scholar is the place for it. In other words, Indus Scholar is that technical hangout for the students interested in process chemistry and chemical engineering!

Indus Scholar is not all about on which day which task was performed, who did it, how much total time did it consume, printing various reports related to that and presenting it to the higher management or teachers so that time sheets can be filled out! No! Indus Scholar is much more than that! Indus Scholar helps you look for a project idea, get your ideas reviewed, get help from industry people, up load all your project documents and diagrams at one place among other things. It provides you an opportunity to work with CSIR scientists in CSIR laboratories. Along with all this, it provides a log book to manage the tasks, while keeping it simple enough to cater to students’ needs without making it very industry like and official.

When you are a student and developing a project, your project profile on Indus Scholar is your face to the technical world. You can upload all project related resources like diagrams, documents, even links to code (if you don’t mind sharing the code without violating any IP rules) on this site. You can take a look at other projects' activities and suggest modifications (if any) and also help them with their difficulties. You can invite your seniors and other industry personnel for a demo of your project and get valuable feedback from them and correct your mistakes.

As an industry or teaching professional, you have the required expertise to help students during their project work. Since you have gone through the same cycle before, you know exactly what are the pain points. In addition to that, this is a place for you to post your POC ideas and get them implemented from students. This is a place where you can look for freshers from recruitment point of view.

No, certainly not! This site is to help students execute their projects better. We do believe that if they do their projects sincerely, then getting good placement is a natural consequence or by-product. Any company that hires freshers, looks for a student's technical ability and communication skills. Project quality is a definite indicator of the technical ability and users can showcase their communication skills by putting a 3 to 4 minutes video on Indus Scholar to show their communication skills. By doing this, as a student, you are placing your credentials as a good candidate for placement, in front of a large pool of technical experts from industry – which could possibly lead to placement!

The IP generated through Indus Scholar projects belong to CSIR. Indus Scholar comes with elaborate privacy settings which can be used wherever required to protect the IP.

We believe that marks or scores are not a very good indicator of a person's technical ability and it may bias the person looking at the user's profile about the user's skills. Hence, Indus Scholar does not provide any place where users can exhibit their marks.

Currently, Indus MAGIC team is not recruiting. However, you may send your resume to to receive further information about the next round of recruitment.