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The intention of Indus Scholar network is to centralize the information of all the projects in the area of chemical engineering and process chemistry that students undertake. This pool would grow to be of great value to everyone connected to this area.

  • The upcoming batches of students can search through projects aligning to their interest. This gives them a better idea of the scope of a project.
  • Institutions can easily monitor the projects that students undertake, avoid duplication and promote students to research deeper into application areas and formulate unique problem definitions.
  • Industries (or the potential employers) can get a real insight into the work being done by the students by assessing their project work and offering appropriate projects and recruitment offers.

The idea is to enhance and provoke collaboration between students, colleges, CSIR scientists and industry experts having similar interests - thus benefiting all in the end.

Students will be able to plan their projects well using timelines of previous projects in similar domain. Those who have graduated in the immediate past would be able to help their juniors during the project, while teachers and project guides would be able to keep track of the project and its progress.

People from the industry would be able to float new ideas on Indus Scholar and can solicit interns for implementing these and also look at potential employees based on the projects completed by them.

In the end, Indus Scholar would help in enhancing the employability of graduating students and thus reducing the training burden of potential employers.